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About Me

I finally got around to creating a webpage devoted to my sports collecting hobby. I am primarily a baseball fan having started following the Giants in 1971 and taking up collecting baseball cards at the same time. Today my collection is nearly half a million sportscards from all sports, and my favorite teams also include the 49ers and the Sacramento Kings. I do have a link to my Real Estate business site, I am considered an expert in dealing with real estate buyers and often make presentations up and down the state of California. I have a book that came out in September 2006 called "How To Make Your Realtor Get You The Best Deal", available on Amazon.com (link below) or through my business website. I do have a network of fantastic Realtors that I know personally from around the country, if you are in need of service, not only will I hook you up with a good one one but will provide you a nice bonus package of cards for allowing me to make the introduction.


How To Make Your Realtor Get You The Best Deal

A guide through the real estate process, from choosing a REALTOR, to negotiating the best price for you!

For a personalized copy send $15 per book plus $4 shipping to:
James Nevans, 7562 River Ranch Way, Sacramento, CA 95831-4490
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please make sure you let me know any specific personalization you want me to make.

The real estate market has changed, no longer does the consumer need the agent to access property information, but more than ever they need an agent to navigate the pitfalls of the buying process and one that has a strong skill set dedicated to protecting the buyer consumer.  Every buyer should arm themselves with information and every agent should aspire to understand every way they can on how to make their buyer get the best deal!

I Enjoy Trading!

What I Collect

I don't collect by player, and this is a tough concept for people who've come into the hobby in the last 15 years with the huge number of different cards that are now produced of a player. In my day that would mean that I'd get maybe 3 cards a year of Willie Mays, his Topps card, an oddball, and maybe an All-Star or league leader card. My passion is building sets and collecting parallels. When I combine the two it becomes a real challenge. I've managed to complete a few parallel sets, (one per pack sets) 1994 Collector's Choice Silver Signature Football, 1992 Leaf Black Gold Baseball, 1994 Upper Deck Electric Diamond Baseball, two 1994 SP Die Cut Football sets, and two sets of 1998 Topps Finest No Protector Baseball (1:2 packs). I don't so much like the modern parallel that has a multitude of tiers with autograph versions, but may focus on a challenge that is completable without breaking the pocketbook. My major parallel set accomplishment though is the 1994 Signature Rookies Draft Pick Autograph set and just recently I completed the 2004 Cracker Jack Mini Blue set (1:10 packs and 1:60 for the 50 SPs) to go with the Sticker set which was a 1:1 although the 50 SPs came 1:10. I have 262/270 of the 1998 Finest No Protector Football set, need just 2 cards for the 1995 Pinnacle Trophy Collection set (1:6), 21 for the 200 card 1996 Pinnacle Trophy Collection Football set (1:6), and just 1 more for the 120 card 1997 Flair Row 1 (1:2 to 1:8). I am even nearly 50% of the way to completing a 1995-96 Finest Refractor Basketball set (1:12). Just recently I made major progress on my 1995 Classic NFL Rookies Silver Football (1:1) set, knocking it down to one more card out of 110, and am just a single card from the 1995 SP Championship Die Cut set. I am casually putting together Baseball/Football/Basketball Stadium Club 1st Day Issue sets (1:24 pack pulls), I have a 1994-95 Stadium Club 1st Day Issue Basketball set with 225/362 (62%) & the 1993-94 set with 187/360 (52%), 1993 Stadium Club 1st Day Issue Baseball set with 715/750 (95%) & a 1994 one with about 56% (399/720), and a 1993 Stadium Club 1st Day Issue Football set with 458/550 (84%) plus the 1994 set with 51%. My current big push for parallels is the 1995 Stadium Club 1st Day Issue baseball set with 254/271 (92%), which was actually an insert in Topps Series II. Most of the nearly 20,000 tougher parallels I have are either the older years' 1:24 pack or greater pulls or serial numbered issues with a print run of under 200. I have another 5000+ refractors and will always trade in your favor for 1993 Finest baseball ones.

What I Can Trade You

I have a significant amount of cards to trade. There is just no way for me to accurately inventory my extensive collection. I use to do about four weekend shows a year that moves about $5000-$10,000 of BV through my hands, so many of my items are still set up to sell by price range rather than player. I have set up a trade page on this site with a bare fraction of what I have available. I do have many 5000 count boxes of pre-2000 cards arranged by set for the set builder, a little less in post-2000 but you can ask for which ones you are working on. I have 2000+ autos (mostly college-minor league), 400+ game used, and many big ticket items that are tradable, again it's very fluid to keep a written inventory posted. Better to let me know what you are working on. I can fill set wantlists of NMMT+ cards from the 1980's for a dime a piece including whatever stars I might have, my mid to late 1970's for about fifteen to twenty cents although the earlier cards will drop to EX. I have significant numbers of VG cards to 1967, and then my 1966 and earlier common cards total less than 2500 and are more likely to be less than VG than more.

What You Can Trade Me

I'm a set builder. My close to complete sets are listed on this site, they are my first priority. I have no problem trading your needs for my needs on a BV for BV basis. Sometimes I will find another set builder where one of us can make significant progress if the other would pull from their partial set. In acknowledging the sacrifice, I am the first to suggest that the person be properly compensated with additional value in the trade. I am also willing to have the set builder types help me with my not so close to complete sets if I have a lot available to trade with them. I just have a tough time when the player collector wants me to trade that tough card they need for like 6 of the 40 commons I need in a low priority set that I'm building.

Look Here Player Collectors!

I have a strong 10,000 card inventory of tough parallels, this means that I may very well have some tough finds to fill holes in your collection. Many times, a person will have a bunch of rare low demand players parallels that they can load up to pry loose a rare card of a player or team that I have. I do not have a written inventory, but if you read and agree to my trading policy on my parallels page, I am more than willing to manually search my collection to help you out. Remember, these are rarer cards so they are not "duplicates" or unwanted cards, they are part of my collection, so don't get hung up on the BV "fairness" in the trade if you expect me to help you out.